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Tuesday, December 05, 2006:

We made the 'move' on Sunday, to Free Spirit Campground! Thll some Christmas dog collars... If you have friends with pampered pooches, please send them heree weather had, of course, turned COLD on us, but it was a short trip so nothing had time to freeze up in our 'home'. And it's still cold! You'd think it was WINTER or something! I spent the day yesterday working on a web page to (hopefully) sell a few dog collars for Christmas. If you have friends with pampered pooches, please send them here! So far, the online craft store I set up has netted me one lonely sale.... So much for making money! lol Today I have to walk 3 dogs (am I nuts???), rake leaves, unearth my Christmas decorations, string some lights (we're having a heat wave today--might get up in the 40s!), and, oh yes! Pay the rent! Once more, we are suffering from a bad case of "anti-Monoco". When the furnace runs in our house, it isn't controlled by a wall thermostat the way every other furnace in the world is. Oh, no! That little installation might have cost Monoco a buck or two on each unit. So, they assumed that the thermostat in the overhead AC/Heat pump unit would do. Uh, huh. Thermostat in that unit is located just under the roof shroud, and heat has to travel clear through the AC unit, up to the roof! Works okay when there is sun shining on the roof, but when that sun goes down, the furnace can't make enough heat to counter-act the cold coming from the outdoors. So it runs and runs and the house gets hotter and hotter. "Turn down the thermostat, you say?" Uh, huh. That would be remote controlled and set to go no lower than 63 degrees. WHAT A FARCE! So, come Sunday, Hubby gets to crawl back into the guts of the RV and connect thermostat wires and run them into the house and install a wall thermostat! By the time we've lived in this RV for 5 years, we won't dare trade it off because all the stupid stuff will finally be found and fixed! Arrrrrrggggggg! And that's my Rant for the day! Happy Tuesday!

Dinah // Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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