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Friday, December 08, 2006:

Okay, I've gotten bored with this blog and started a new one--trying to catch up with my daughter, who got me started on this in the first place! SHE has at least 3, none of which has been posted to in ages! :)

Having to turn the furnace off and on all day, through this current cold snap has pretty much soured me on writing much about RV living--at least doing it in THIS brand of RV!

If you're interested, not to mention being somewhat befuddled at the idea of a furnace without a thermostat, I'll remind you of a previous rant in which I explained that, in the interest of saving a buck, our manufacturer left out the wall mounted thermostat for the furnace, and it is supposedly controlled by the thermostat in the AC/heat pump unit--on the ROOF! So, the furnace runs and runs and runs in really cold weather, until enough heat migrates through the unit to register 63 degrees (which is all the lower we can set it). By this time--it's HOT in here! At nite, we have been running an electric heater on the floor directly under the AC unit, which helps get the thermostat heated up. Sunday's project is to install a wall thermostat!!! Of course, you may remember that the manufacturer doesn't CARE about this aggrivation, since, buried deep in the owners manual is a sentence telling us that our 4 season RV is not intended for use in temperatures below 32 degrees.... ARRRRRRRGGGG! Ergo, it's a "4 season" unit if you live in CENTRAL FLORIDA!

Anyhow, here's the link:

The New Dog Blog

I don't guarantee that it'll be a bit more exciting than this blog, but it's there! :)

Dinah // Friday, December 08, 2006

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