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Wednesday, November 08, 2006:

That would be "Life in a Very Small Box" these days....remember the scene in the Star Wars movie where they're in the garbage hold and it's shrinking? Or any other movie where the stars are in small rooms where the walls are slowly coming in on them? We're there. The dogs are frantically trying to keep from being touched by the puppy (they haven't made their peace with his existence, yet)... We have to move a basket of clothes off the toilet so it can be used as needed... The microwave is sitting on a board over the second sink. The car is packed to the roof, and the lid of the trunk. And the list goes on.... It doesn't help that somebody has misplaced the other dog leash.

If we are very, very lucky--this job will be done this week, and we'll find out that there's a new one starting up nearby in a few days so we can go bring our house back over here. OR, we'll be heading down to GA. At this point, whatever gets us out of this matchbox and back into our HUGE, 400 sq ft. RV is almost all good!

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We got to see the sunshine this afternoon! It got up to nearly 60 degrees! Now we'll see how long this lasts.... :) Opened the windows and aired out the "Box"!
"Lost" is nearly over, and bedtime beckons... Gotta be up at 5:30!

Dinah // Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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