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Monday, November 06, 2006:

Have you ever taken a tiny, bouncy black puppy out into the grass, in the dark? Said puppy (now known as Harpo), is determined to flit back and forth between the 2 big dogs--or just plain run around in circles, jump and play. Have you seen the toddler shoes with the blinky red lights on the heels? Well, I have this bright little red flashlight, about the size of my thumbnail--which I clipped to Harpo's collar tonite. We laughed and laughed!!! All we could see was the little red light, bouncing all over the yard. Sometimes he was chasing the other dogs and sometimes, I swear, he was chasing the red light dangling from his collar! What a hoot!

Meanwhile, here we (the dogs and I) in the familiar campground, in the 'incredible shrinking pickup camper' while Hubby goes off to fight the Bulldozer Wars--building a parking lot. Now, it was supposed to rain today, and the way the whole summer went, it would have! We were planning to make a run to IL and fetch our 'house'. But--no rain! It's now due in here tonite. But, even if it does...the job is supposedly going to be done this week. Which means, of course, that it isn't economically feasible (feasable?) to go get the 'house' tomorrow, in the rain. We'll be sitting here, waiting for the jobsite to dry, (not unlike watching paint dry), so they can finish the job and we can maybe go back to our house. Oh! I forgot to mention that we're sitting here with a change of clothes each! Period. What an adventure!

Dinah // Monday, November 06, 2006

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